Quran Memorization


Memorizing the Holy Quran is a dual journey that involves both spiritual and physical efforts. It is a bestowed privilege and favour from Allah to be able to internalize and absorb the Quran. To make the most of this divine favour, one needs to be open-minded and exert themselves both mentally and spiritually. One can make use of helpful tools such as Tarteel-Quran to efficiently and effectively commit the Quran to memory, regardless of age or background.

How to memorize Quran

IQRA QURAN Academy possesses extensive expertise in aiding people to memorize the Quran via virtual methods. We grasp the sequential method of acquiring Quranic verses and how it culminates in full memorization. Our method is direct and productive, enabling individuals with constrained schedules to make headway in Quran memorization. With commitment and eagerness to learn, even youngsters can attain success in Quran memorization. For further details and a free trial class, sign up for our Memorize the Quran program.

Steps to memorize Quran

  • Progress in Daily Memorization
  • This refers to the number of new lessons you plan to commit to memory each day.

  • Memorized Material from Recent Weeks (Sabaqi)
  • This indicates the number of verses from the Holy Quran that you have memorized in the past 20 to 30 days. This is important as it determines if you retain the memorized verses in the long run.

  • Previously Memorized Material
  • This refers to the part of the Holy Quran that you have memorized and reviewed consistently for at least 20 to 30 days. The amount you recite and review with your teacher depends on the extent of your Quran memorization. When you have memorized the entire Quran, you will only focus on maintaining previously memorized material, an ongoing responsibility for the rest of your life.

Our strategy

At first, the recommended amount of time for a student to devote to their classwork is 30 minutes per day until they have successfully memorized two sections. As they improve, their daily class time should increase to 60 minutes, five days a week. It is also important for students to dedicate 60 to 120 minutes each day to completing their homework assignments. The amount of time it takes for a student to memorize the Holy Quran online varies, with an average duration of three years.

Feedback on our customers

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