At quraniqraacademy Online Classes, our top priority is ensuring the highest standard of Quran teaching by providing quality assurance. Our goal is to deliver exceptional classes, taught by knowledgeable, trained, and expert teachers. To achieve this, we have implemented the following procedures to ensure the best possible learning experience for you and your children.

Firstly, we employ only educated teachers who have graduated from recognized institutes/universities and possess complete knowledge of Tajweed and the best recitation techniques. Our teachers undergo comprehensive training to hone their skills and provide top-notch classes.

Secondly, our teachers have full command over the subjects they teach, thanks to our hiring of subject matter experts to train them.

Thirdly, we monitor the teaching process by recording all classes for quality assurance purposes. These recordings are reviewed by experts to ensure that each class is delivered with maximum effort.

Fourthly, we conduct monthly tests on each student's recitation skills, evaluated by our Tajweed experts and quality assurance staff. The resulting report is then used by the teachers to address any shortcomings and monitor the student's progress.

Finally, we compare each month's report with the previous one to measure the level of improvement in learning.

Overall, our comprehensive approach to Quran teaching guarantees the best possible online learning experience for our students.

Feedback on our customers

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